Emirates Engineering calibration laboratory receives ISO certification

Dubai, UAE, 04 January 2018- The calibration laboratory at Emirates Engineering has received the internationally recognised ISO 17025 accreditation making it one of the first players in the aviation industry in the region to achieve this benchmark and the first to obtain accreditation in electrical calibration. The certification was delivered by the Dubai Accreditation Department of Dubai Municipality.

“Quality and accuracy are of paramount importance at Emirates Engineering. Over the last two years we have vigorously put in place a number of measures to ensure that our processes in the calibration lab are compliant to ISO 17025,” said Mohammed Jaffer Nassar, Emirates Senior Vice President, Engineering. “As one of the first organisations in the aviation industry in the UAE to be certified compliant to ISO 17025, we’re in a strong position to maintain the highest standards of quality in aircraft maintenance in Emirates and to also offer our services to external organisations both regionally and globally,” he added.

The Emirates Engineering calibration laboratory adjusts and calibrates the tools and equipment that are used in the servicing and maintenance of aircraft and other components.  In December 2015, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) mandated that calibration laboratories’ servicing tools and equipment used in the maintenance of aircraft and aircraft components had to comply with ISO 17025 guidelines within a period of two years.  ISO 17025 details the regulations to which calibration laboratories need to comply in order to provide accurate and standardised calibration and testing services. 

Since early 2016, a core team from Emirates Engineering worked on this milestone project to ensure that the necessary facilities, training, procedures and controls were in place to ensure that the calibration laboratory worked within the tolerance limits specified by the ISO international standards. Following rigorous internal audits, the Emirates Engineering calibration was audited successfully by Dubai Accreditation Centre in late 2017.

Emirates Engineering hosts one of the world’s most advanced aircraft maintenance facilities. The team at Emirates Engineering help maintain Emirates’ fleet of over 265 aircraft in peak condition by performing line maintenance and scheduled checks, engine maintenance, cabin modification and upgrading projects as well as aircraft painting and application of decals. As the world’s largest operator of the Airbus A380 as well as the Boeing 777 aircraft, Emirates Engineering is also in a privileged position to offer its expertise and services to customers in the global aviation industry. 

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Sukanya Ramanujan Emirates Public Relations, Emirates Group
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